Corporate Connections serves as the nucleus of the business community & is committed to connecting Experienced Executives from different areas & industries ~ creating new business opportunities.

Corporate Connections Consulting Services

Access "A-List" Introductions
Corporate Connections will facilitate highly targeted personal introductions via e-mail providing you with direct access to those you need to meet.
Brand Awareness Campaign
Corporate Connections will generate significant brand recognition for you by identifying ideal prospects & influencers from Corporate Connections “Golden Rolodex” of 3000+ that we have determined as best match. We will create and send via email a New Client Announcement which will introduce you to Corporate Connections vast network.
Personal PR Agent
Susan Knox will act as a spokesperson and “PR Agent” by representing, endorsing, showcasing, promoting and selling you and your capabilities in meetings and organizations. Susan will provide a list of organizations and groups that you should consider joining to help accelerate your business development efforts
Executive Briefings

“Corporate Connections Signature”

Corporate Connections will facilitate, manage and ensure targeted, qualified attendance for a series of Executive Briefings. Small targeted groups may be hosted at in a conference room or private space for Breakfast, Lunch, Cocktails or Dinner. The key to a successful Executive Briefing is having the right people hold a seat at the table. This is a very effective and efficient way to “Present Your Company” to a group of highly qualified prospects and influencers in a non- sales environment. The benefit to the guests is they are expanding their respective networks and gaining access to new business opportunities.

Firm to Firm Briefings

This is an excellent Business Development activity that accelerates the introduction process among Partners and Peers from one firm to another.  Firm to Firm Briefings are between firms who have similar values and target the same types of clients. The goal is for each person to discuss their areas of expertise and describe their ideal client. This format provides excellent insight to each person and gives an overview of the entire firm in a time efficient manner.

Referral Roundtable

Identifying and Introducing your Trusted Advisors and Centers of Influence to each other is a very intentional and powerful way to stay top of mind and create “Relationship Capital”. People in your close sphere with whom you do business will appreciate and value you when you facilitate these important introductions.

Facilitate Series of Signature Events



  • Open House
  • Client Appreciation Event
  • Cocktail Reception
  • Wine Tasting
  • Roundtable Discussion
  • Forum/Symposium
  • Panel Discussion on Important Topic

Susan Knox Presents on Several Key Business Development Related Topics

  • Turning Relationships into Revenue
  • Professionalism
  • Corporate & Business Etiquette “Manners Do Matter”
  • Business Development Best Practices
  • Fearless Referrals
  • It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You!

 Susan and I were introduced by a mutual friend out of California. He said we were the only two people in the country who do what we do. It turned out to be a fabulous introduction. We have not only built a great working relationship, but also a close friendship. We share clients and refer prospects to each other. I have referred people from San Antonio to her and every one of them has been extremely impressed with her and her ability to make things happen. I am always thanked profusely for the introductions. I have been to Atlanta and seen Susan do her magic. We had a mutual client from San Antonio in Atlanta for two days and he was introduced to 20+ people. It was amazing! Susan Knox is extremely skilled at connecting people, and I am very proud to be associated with her. 

Linda Elliott

Elliott Connection, LLC
Developing Profitable Relationships
San Antonio, Texas

 Susan Knox of Corporate Connections is a powerhouse at making connections. Having known Susan for over 10 years, I can say without a doubt, no one works harder for her clients and creates more senior-level meetings in this city.

As Susan says, ‘It’s not who you know but who knows you’. Nothing could be more truthful. If I had a project or new company I needed to get attention for quickly, I would make one call to Susan and rest easy going forward. 

Ricky Steele
Steele Technology Partners
Author of The Heart of Networking Second Edition and serial entrepreneur